5-aside soccer

Finals:  Monday 29th June starting at 3.40pm
Sausage sizzle and drinks available,  We will have a short prize giving at 5pm to present MVP medals  to 1 boy and girl from each grade and trophies to the winning teams.
Unfortunately due to bad weather we have had to make the final between the two top teams on the ladder.

Welcome to 5-aside soccer at Colyton School.  Please read through below information and if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me.  The draw and table will be updated each Tuesday.  Please check out our website (www.colyton.school.nz) for all 5-aside information.  If any other players are interested in playing we have room for one more team in the year 1-2 and 3 teams in year 6-8.

Venue:  Colyton School

Time:  4pm, 4.30pm & 5.00pm.  Please arrive for games 10 minutes before start time.

Referees:  Year 8 students and available adults.

Duration: 10min each way.  2mins for halftime

Rules:  General soccer rules. 5 aside, no offsides, goalie must throw ball in general play but kick on the ground when the ball is out of play (year 6-8 ball must land inside own half from goal kick/throw).  Rolling subs.

Gear:  Soccer boots/sneakers and shin pads.  Bibs supplied for similar sports shirts.

Teams:  Mixed teams (preferably 2/3 girls & 2/3 boys but not essential.  Must have 1 other gender)

Dates:  4th May, 11th May, 18th May, 25th May, 8th June, 15th June, 22nd June, 29th June (finals & prize giving)

Any questions please contact Matt:  principal@colyton.school.nz or 0275517306

Please click on draw to enlarge (please note the Colyton Eagles and Sharks have two games this week)

 Colyton School will be starting a 5 aside soccer competition in term 2. 

We will have 3 grades:  Year 1-2, Year 3-5 and year 6-8.  

Each team needs a manager (no experience necessary).

Venue:  Colyton School

Time:  4pm, 4.30pm & 5.00pm

Duration:  Games 10min each way. 2mins for halftime

Gear:  Soccer boots/sneakers and shin pads

Teams:  Mixed teams (preferably 2/3 girls & 2/3 boys but not essential.  Must have 1 other gender)

Dates:  4th May, 11th May, 18th May, 25th May, 8th June, 15th June, 22nd June, 29th June (finals & prize giving)