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2013 Award Winners and Certificate Recipients

Bergerson Trophy for all-round excellence - Luca Kenyon

Macdermid Trophy for Sporting Excellence - 

Stannard Trophy for Academic Excellence - Josh Elston

Choir Prize winner - Sarah Judd

Keanu Wallace - Manawatu Young Cyclist of the Year

Creativity Prize Winners - Luca Kenyon, Ben Clark and Keanu Wallace with presenter, Margaret Wiggins

Captains of the winning Athletics Championship  
- Tui House 

Tamatea Trophy for Kaea with outstanding leadership - Macy Paki (with Mrs T)

August Family Trophy for excellence in the Performing Arts - Ben Clark

Road Patrollers
 2013 Road Patrollers

Peer Mediators

Student Council

Communications Team
Ukulele Group

2013 Librarians

Athletics Explorers

Te Puawai Concert and Hangi

Click the photo to see a panorama of the scene following the concert

huge thank you to everyone who contributed so mightily to our fabulous Hangi. Congratulations to everyone in Te Puawai for a fantastic concert.

Ehara koe i a ia!

Mrs Peck makes Right Choices

Mrs Peck did a few squeal ups around the school field in a very fast stock car.  This was part of our final Right Choice Day for 2013, where children swam, had water fights, threw wet sponges at each other, sped down a waterslide, enjoyed Mr Whippy ice creams, a lolly scramble and PTA sausages, and watched a few lucky students be driven around the field in stock cars.  Mrs Peck relished the opportunity to have a drive for herself, beating her own course record in the process!

Thank you for your donations to our red and blue Mufti Day to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  
Our school raised $892, including $301.40 raised by LC13's busking efforts.
LC13 students busking for the Philippines

'IT Factor'

'It Factor' ‎(480p)‎.m4v

Riverdale finalists Tyler Price, Sarah Judd,  Reikura Melbourne and Logan Tahiwi competed in the quarter finals of this competition.  Sarah then went on to make it through to semi finals where she just missed out on being one of the top three finalists.  We are proud of all our students who performed so brilliantly.

Athletics 2013

Digi Awards Winners
Congratulations to Keanu Wallace, Ben Clark and Luca Kenyon for their win at last night's Digi Awards. 
First Place Year 4-6 Mini Documentary. 
Well done boys - you did Riverdale proud!!

Cupcake Electives


Students, families and teachers braved chilly, windy, overcast and occasionally rainy conditions to make sure we had a great day at the Massey Athletics Arena.  Enjoy Mrs McCallum's photos on  Flickr.

 Year Six student Dylan Macdonald clears 1 metre 24 at High Jump

'It' Factor Quarter Finalists Selected

Well done to Reikura Melbourne & Logan Tahiwi, Sarah Judd and Tyler Price, who will represent Riverdale School at the Quarter Finals in a few weeks.  After Friday's competition the students were interviewed in the radio studio at Kia ora fm.  Special mention must also go to LC13, Mia Tahiwi & Mary Brunn and Iciss Rungarunga who performed for the judges with great credit.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Sarah Judd Impresses in Exam

  Congratulations to Sarah Judd who gained first class honours in her Grade 2 singing exam recently.

Isabel Lu wins Chinese Speech Competition

Congratulations to Isabel Lu, LC6, for gaining first place in the Chinese Speech Competition 
in the holidays.

"Once again, I've been in the Chinese speech competition. I'd been practising for so many weeks.  Everyday I had to practice it 2 times.  I haven't only got the speech to do, I also had a dance to do.  Finally the day had come.  I was very nervous."

Middle Magic does its bit to make New Zealand even more special

The Simply Magic Team visited Waitoetoe Park at the end of Term 3 to plant native trees for Conservation Week.  The Department of Conservation has awarded them a $100 Mitre 10 voucher to say thank you "for helping make New Zealand even more special".  The voucher will be put towards gardening equipment for the school garden. Well done Middles.

Lynette Kenyon

Riverdale Places 2nd in the Dance NZMade Nationals

Green room rehearsal

Mrs Lunn, Mr Bron, Mr Pouniu, Karina & the Dance Explorers doing what we do best, posing for the camera backstage just before performing.

A new year has brought with it new teachers, new students, new genres, and a new direction. Mr Bron took on the mantle as Dance Explorer’s director, and I quickly joined in to lend a hand in song remixing and choreography.

It all began in late April, with several auditions, we gave the students a link to an easy hip hop routine for them to learn. After watching their attempts to demonstrate their choreography-learning skills we then began drafting by making them show us some unique dance moves. As time rolled on, we finalised the group and kept trying to further cull the numbers, but we ended up keeping all 16 students. 

What’s really difficult about reducing numbers in any performance group is seeing the difference between talent and commitment for what it is. Also, it’s crucial to choose both trained dancers and naturally-gifted dancers. Sometimes the ones that don’t display as much talent as others, actually demonstrate such high levels of commitment, and natural rhythm & groove, that their absence would be too noticeable if they were cut from the team.

Fast forward several months and many, many practices and dance remix versions later. Mr Bron and I quickly sought out Mrs Lunn and Karina to support us in organising costumes, props, sorting make up and hair. In the days leading up to the Regionals their support and passion to see our students look their absolute best was brilliant.

We finally attended the workshops on Thursday 5th September. This was an amazing day of 3 workshops: hip hop, jazz funk & musical theatre. The Dance Explorers also watched the other schools rehearse on stage. Mr Bron and I were able to critically analyse the dance styles, stage usage and ensemble of the other schools. We were pretty stoked about our chances to take it out actually.

On Friday 6th September, our Dance Explorers beat their competition to become Regional Champions in the Year 3-6 heats. We were fast tracked to the National Finals to be held again the Palmerston North Regent. On Saturday 14th September, we all met again to put on our show one more time. I am very pleased to acknowledge the that our Dance Explorers were rewarded with Second Place in the National Finals of DANCE NZMADE in the Year 3-6 category. Our Riverdale Students show us that with hard work, commitment, support from our community, spare socks, turned inside-out tights, make up, and loads of confidence ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Congratulations to the Dance Explorers of 2013 for being:



    NATIONAL FINALISTS & Second Place Winners (1st Runner Up)- Year 3-6

Special thanks to Mr Bron, Mrs Lunn, Karina Hunter, Nat Low, and the Riverdale Staff for your support in helping us to make it a successful year.

If you’re keen to try out for Dance Explorers in 2014 come along and give it a go!

Mr Pouniu 

Riverdale Tigers Hockey Photos

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. 
Thanks to Rebekah Mudford for the great photos.

Riverdale Ratbags Rise to the Challenge
Message from Coach Cath:
I would like to congratulate this awesome team that I had the privilege of coaching for the winter hockey season 2013.Over the weeks of grading games and season proper they developed a great team spirit without losing the desire to win and play well.After the grading games we were placed in division four and were playing well. Half way through the season we were then asked to go up into division three as there was a division three team struggling and we had an unbeaten record in division four. The team decided to take up the challenge, sacrificing the chance to win in order to play some significantly more experienced and older teams; a challenge that helped them develop their skills and hockey knowledge. I am very proud of this young team in the way they enthusiastically took up the challenge, and despite having several goals scored against them, never put their heads down or gave up the fight and importantly, always enjoyed their games and had fun playing.

Winners of the Chocolate Fundraiser
Congratulations to these winners of the major chocolate fundraiser - 
Jorja and Braydn Popow (1st - proud owners of an iPad 2), Ben Meneghini (2nd - $150 Plaza voucher), Holly and Callum Mercer (3rd - $100 Plaza voucher).  Our PTA raised over $7000 through this fundraiser towards an all weather multipurpose track.

Camp Quality Mufti Day

Riverdale students and staff raised $380 today in our "Odd Shoes" Mufti Day fundraiser.

LC6 Buckethead Experience
Image 10-09-13 at 3.29 PM
On Saturday we went on the bendy bus. It was fantastic to go in it for the first time ever. We went to the FMG Stadium twice, Saturday
and Sunday. Saturday we went to meet all the Turbos and on Sunday they won against North Harbor. I think it was the windiest day ever. My favourite player is Nick Croswell because he never gives up at being a good captain and I like his boots. 
By Jayden

My favourite part of the weekend was going to the Turbos practice. At the practice I saw a man with stitches just above his eyebrow. That day I got about 13 signatures. I also got two posters. They were practising so hard. 
By Tahlia

On Sunday the class went to a rugby game at the FMG Stadium to see the Turbos v North Harbor. The best bits were having a hi-five with ITM Man and a handshake with Turbo Man. It was so fun!! 
By Solomon

Manawatu Launch of Fonterra's Milk in Schools Programme at Riverdale
Riverdale School hosted local mayors, MPs, farmers, scientists, TV cameras, students and business people on Friday.  Check out this article.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Report by Georgia Pasene

On the 30th of August four children were chosen to take look at Massey 

University and its milk farms. This is a report about the day. 

As the bus drove up the dust filled driveway I caught a glimpse of the gigantic milk tankers, the bus game to a halt. I stepped off the bus and the substantial milk tankers caught my eye with astonishment.

A friendly line of people stood in front of us. They all welcomed us and gave us bright welcoming smiles. The local farmer said, ‘Welcome to the Massey University Milk Farm’.  We looked around with wonder. At the milking sheds we saw the 12 cows that get milked once a day in the morning every day of the week.  The cows get tubes hooked onto their udder which sucks the milk out. The local farmers asked all of us kids if we would like to put our finger in the tube to feel the powerful suction. I was shocked at how powerful it was.

We walked over to the calves and saw a one week old calf.  It was stunning. All of these calves were up to 4 weeks old and very, very cute.

Now for what I had been astonished by, the colossal milk tankers.  These monster machines are amazing and on a hot busy day around October, the tanker will hold at least a million litres of milk! That’s a lot of cow’s milk! To top it off we all got to sit in the tanker. It was amazing! I thought I felt as if I was the king of the roads, being so high up!

Another thing we felt lucky to be part of was to plant 50 trees near the Manawatu River. Before we planted our 50 trees Massey University had already planted 500 so it was all a huge help to the environment. We all got to write our names on a Popsicle stick and plant it with the trees so our names would grow with the tree.  It was a special moment for me.

Once we walked back we washed our hands to get on the bus to go to the milk research and development lab. There, we met our tour guide, Kevin.

We had a look at their factory.  It is mind blowing. This is where they make the cheese, butter and disinfect milk.  Afterwards we got to see shelves and shelves of products Fonterra has produced.   Then we did the best bit; taste testing!  We had to figure out the odd milk out - which milk was different.

We then did an amazing experiment with our nose and eyes. We blocked our nose and tasted some vanilla liquid.  Because our nose was blocked we couldn’t taste enough and when we unblocked it a rush of a vanilla taste came to me.  This was intriguing for me.

Another experiment we did was to see how what we see doesn’t always taste like we think it should.   Initially you would think something red would taste like strawberry or raspberry. So we tasted something that was red and we all thought it was raspberry but the real taste was orange.  It’s weird what they can do with food!!

Once we were done at the lab we came back to Riverdale for the launch and ceremony for Fonterra milk for schools. We all got some treats and a couple of us got into the newspaper!

So the magnificent milk tour was exceptional. Thank you to everyone that helped to make this tour happen.

Mr McCallum's Technology Challenge to Senior Skyscrapers

Welcome to Riverdale School, Miss Bryant 


Cross Country 2013

crosscountry 399

Thanks Mrs McCallum for these great photos

Nathan Paki - Riverdale School Caretaker

We've turned the great weather on to help get you into the groove of your new job.  

We hope you enjoy making our school look fabulous.  We're sure our Riverdale community will make you feel welcome.

Right Choice Reward - Disgusting Makeover

Farewell Mr Merriman

Riverdale gave its much loved caretaker a great retirement send-off yesterday.  There were beautiful songs from the Junior and Middle teams, entertaining speeches delivered by Mrs Peck and the great man himself, before a digital tribute from the Seniors.  Finally, Mr and Mrs Merriman left the hall as the whole school sang Te Aroha.

Thank you Mr Merriman, for many years of great service to our school.  You told us we had the best school in New Zealand, and you certainly did a lot to make it that way.  

Enjoy your retirement.

Duathlon 2013

Enjoy these photos from a fun night.  Thanks PTA, Mr McCallum and everyone who helped to make a great evening for our Riverdale kids.

5 year old girls:
1st Hannah Cadzow, 2nd Pyper Newton, 3rd Alana Holroyd

5 year old boys
1st Travis Christison, 2nd Hunter Busbridge, 3rd Oliver Lu

6 year old girls
1st Ariana Buttar, 2nd Nadia Mabey, 3rd Millie Davis

6 year old boys
1st  Kody Tahiwi, 2nd Mac Humphries, 3rd Cody Rowland

7 year old girls
Madison Thomas, 2nd Akiva Rungarunga, 3rd  Emma Minshull

7 year old boys
1st Cooper Busbridge, 2nd Rian Aldridge, 3rd Ben Tinsley

8 Year old girls
1st Kelsey Hannon, 2nd Holly Mercer, 3rd Julia Humphries

8 Year old boys
1st Joseph Simpson-Smith, 2nd Aaron Wrathall, 3rd Joshua Briggs

9 year old girls
1st Maddy Kirk, 2nd Elouise Hook, 3rd Kyla Gilshan

9 year old boys
1st Hael Pritchard, 2nd Ben Foothead, 3rd Jack Skelsey

10 year old girls
1st Millie Bleackley, 2nd Kylie Van Rysewyk, 3rd Rumer Johnson

10 year old boys
1st Bradyn Popow, 2nd Ben Meneghini, 3rd Keanu Wallace