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Riverdale adds a new learning centre!

Posted on April 30, 2009 by markherring

dscf3255If you have visited our school in the last while you will not have missed the extensive building that is underway.

We are fortunate to have our new classroom up and running in Room 10 and Mrs Tamatea and her students are enjoying their new learning centre.

Renee Scott is enjoying the new carpet in the room.  She thinks they feel, “Squishy to sit on.”  Ali Bibi also commented on their new walls.  “They feel really furry,” he said.

The building work has resulted in some new teacher resource rooms as well as renovated cloakbays and bathrooms for the students.  We are all seeing the benefits of weeks of scaffolding and hard work from our builders – thanks for all the hard work so far!


Zia Macdermid Makes Regional News

Posted on April 1, 2009 by markherring

Zia has made the Manawatu Standard today for her win at the Interschool Tryathlon yesterday.  Click on the image to read the full article.  Well done, Zia!  Another triumph for Riverdale School.


Imove Week and Interschool Swimming

Posted on March 26, 2009 by markherring

From Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April, students who imovelogo1walk, run, bike, scooter or skateboard to school will receive a sticker for each day they are physically active on the way to school. If a child receives at least 4 stickers over the week they will go into a draw to win a range of prizes including vouchers, drink bottles and small toy rugby balls. Our Senior Student Council and Cabinet Ministers will be on the lookout for active students from 8.30am – 8.55am each morning.

Riverdale School students competed against 6 other schools in the Southern Cluster Swimming Competition.  Riverdale won the championship with overwhelming results.
Our team: Lachlan Griffiths, Corbin Faint, Wiri Rihari, Duncan McDonald, Madison Pita, Estelle Pasene, Brianna Bonnington-Mudford, Jharna Melbourne,
Jessica Findlay, Fiona Dijkwel.
Well done – a brilliant team performance!!

Senior School Camps

Posted on March 25, 2009 by markherring

This year our Senior Team classes went to Highland Home in the Pohangina Valley.  Each class spent three days and two nights taking part in bush studies, the initiative course, B.M.Xing and so much more.

Our school camps are an important part of building a positive learning environment for our students and raising their own independence and self confidence.  Ask any of our students what they thought of camp and your answer would most certainly be, ‘Awesome!’

Thanks to all the parents who have taken time from their families and work to make these camps possible.


Riverdale Gets Active

Posted on March 6, 2009 by markherring

This week our Senior and Middle Teams had their swimming sports events at the Lido, our local pool.   Events involved a width or 25m length and the students competed in flutter board, freestyle and backstroke swimming strokes.

We always enjoy a large amount of parent support at these events.  Many children enjoy the chance to ‘have a go’, some aspire to compete to win and a few have been selected to represent Riverdale School at the Interschool’s coming up soon.

Thanks to all the staff and parents who help put together another amazing event!


Palmerston North also hosted the Weetbix Tryathlon at Ongley Park on Wednesday.  We had many students enter and put their swimming, biking and running stamina to the test.  This years event saw 1200 students involved from around the Manawatu region.

Its always great to see so many children training and preparing for this event.  Who knows how many future Olympians have started their campaings for glory this week!


Annual Duathlon

Last Wednesday saw over 150 students enter and race in our school duathlon.  The event is held every year as part of our Health and PE programme and also as a P.T.A fundraiser.dscf2557

Each age group completes a run / bike / run race and has many families training over the holidays in preparation. Each entrant had a chance to win a spot prize, they  recieved a certificate of effort and there were two major spot prizes of some new bikes, care of our generous P.T.A.  Congratulations to  Jason Dommett and Daina Martin.  The winners of each race won a first place medal!

Thankyou to all the parents, staff members and friends of our school for helping our children to enjoy such an exciting, competitive and fun event!


Success Super Heroes

Room 12 hosted the school assembly today around the theme of ‘Success Superheroes’.   It followed our school’s  ‘Big Idea’ for the term of Success!

Here is their class Super Hero Oath -

We are Room 12 Superheroes.
We follow and uphold the Riverdale code.
We know and do what is right.
We help those who need it.
We are role models for success.
We persist and are trustworthy and independent in
our learning.
Through our actions we will create a better, more
successful classroom and school.

Mr McCallum was the lucky teacher who was dressed up as a super learner.  You can even see him flying…


Some Handy Reminders

Dear Parents
Welcome back to school.  We hope everyone is refreshed after the summer break.  We look forward to an exciting and engaging term ahead.

There will be a full newsletter next week but just a few reminders for this week.  All school newsletters and notices will be available this year on our website:
Stationery Packs and Hats are available from the school office.  Hats are $10 each

Cricket Games start on Saturday 14 February. If your child is interested and has not brought a notice home, please collect one from the school office. Co-ordinator: Matt McCallum, DP.

Duathlon – Wednesday 18 February  Entry forms will be sent home on Monday 9 February.  First race starts at 5.30pm. Entry fee $5.00.  This a fun, family evening event, organised by our very supportive PTA.

Teeball Starts on Saturday 21 February. Information will be sent home with your child. Co-ordinator: Dayna Soma

Parent /Teacher/Pupil Interviews These are planned for the first week of March. More information later.

Year 5 & 6 Camp – Weeks 6 & 7  At Highland Home Camp, Pohangina Valley. Cost $80.  Fees can now be paid at the school office.

Change of Bank details for School Anyone paying fees for camps, school donations etc;  please note we have changed to the BNZ. New number is  02-0727-001137600. Deposit forms available at office.

Teacher Only Day Friday 20 March
The school will be closed for this Ministry of Education funded day for professional development in the new curriculum.  Teachers from our Poutama cluster schools :  Riverdale, Pahiatua & Russell Street; will be participating.

Welcome to 2009

2009-print-preview-blogIt’s exciting to be facing another year at Riverdale School!

There are some new staff with us and if you have dropped by the school in the holidays, you will notice that some renovations are well under way.  These include an upgrade to many of our toilets, cloakbays and teaching spaces with a class extension.  I’m sure we will all enjoy the use of our repainted swimming pool over the coming weeks, also.

We’re pleased to welcome three new staff members to our team.  Lauren Rits will be teaching in the T.L.C, Liz Green in Room 7 and Lynette Kenyon is teaching in Room 11.  We are also grateful to have Colleen Mayne, teaching in Room 9 for the first term.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all for again for an engaging and exciting first term.

Debra Peck


Here are some important dates for the coming term. These are also found on the School Calendar.

- Class Lists posted at school, noon, 26 January.

- Staff Only Days, 27, 28, 29 January.

- The Office will be open from 10am till 2pm, the week of the 26th January (except Friday).

- School begins for students, 2 February.

- Stationary Lists available from the Library from 3 February.

We will have more information for the term in our Community Newsletter, week 2.