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Posted on December 2, 2010 by TC

The weather was perfect, the preparation thorough, the organisation superb. Thanks to the team lead by Matt McCallum for making our Athletics Day run so well.

Thank you to Donna Aldridge for these fabulous photos.

Have a look at some writing from LC13 students.

“Go! Your turn,” yells TC.  Uh-oh!  Let’s just say I’m not the sportiest person in the world.  I run, jump, and prepare for the bar to hit my foot.  Nothing!  I feel my feet land on the hot mat.  I made it!  How?  I feel dazed.  I jump off the mat and sit in a line on the itchy grass.  The line of success.  I keep thinking of the moment.

But I’m not supposed to be good at high jump! So I stand up, wait in line and when it is my turn I run, jump and prepare myself for the bar to hit my foot. Last time it was probably just luck.  I can’t make it this time!

I stand corrected! I did make it!

But the next time I don’t.  I’ve been trying to convince myself to this day that I just got lucky in my first two jumps.

by Libby O.

“BANG,” go the clappers.  Paige is starting.  ”Ooh come on,”  I mutter to myself.   Without realising it, I  start jumping on the roaring red track. Paige to Sara; good change.

Our inter schools relay teams are versing the teachers and the parents.  At the moment the parents are smashing up.

Sara is running towards me, determination etched all over her face.  I start to run, building up speed as Sara comes closer and closer.  Thump! The baton reaches my outstretched arm. I close my hands around it and run round the bend.  At about half way I am going as fast as I can.  My legs sear with the pain and stress of running so fast.  Its like they are going like a fan at full speed.  I love the feeling of cutting through the air with the wind parting to let me through.

WOW!  I can’t believe it.   I’ve caught Mike.  Now it’s all up to you Ansley.  I pass the baton on.  We are even with the boys team.  No…  not any more. We are in front.  ”Hold on Ansley,  hold on,”  I yell.

“YES!” we beat the boys. I clench my fist and punch the air.

by Zia M

Now we wish our Interschool Athletics team all the best for your big meet on Tuesday.

Our Riverdale Dance Explorers are Number One

Posted on September 13, 2010 by TC

Congratulations to Mrs Walker and her Dance Explorers who recently won the  Dance NZ Made competition at the Regent.

Kennedy achieves top result

Posted on September 2, 2010 by TC

Year Six student, Kennedy, was recently awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ in the art section at the Manawatu Science and Technology Fair.  The judges had this to say about his painting, entitled ‘Biodiverse Paradise’:

Nicely unified composition – very pleasing, bold use of colour, aerial perspective included suggesting good observation of the environment.

Kennedy used PVA glue, paint and pen.

Congratulations Kennedy.

Pupil Power

Posted on August 27, 2010 by TC

Libby O was so moved by a class discussion about the plight of people in Pakistan that she wrote this:

Pakistan Floods

Who knew that water could be so evil? Dirty puddles are everywhere and the stubborn rain does not stop falling from the grizzling grey sky. Water has taken away everything from these people – food, safe hydration, shelter… Everything is gone.

Men and women move slowly through the street. Their skin hangs off their bones like a teddy bear without any stuffing. Childrens’ hungry screams turn silence into a memory. Mosquitoes eat away at their skin, generously leaving malaria behind.

The people can’t do anything for they have no power over the atrocious weather. The little food that’s left is very expensive. No one has enough money left. Their lives rely on donations from other countries.

Please help the people of Pakistan by donating some money.

Wacky Hair Day for Daffodil Day

Posted on August 27, 2010 by TC

Aren’t we clever?  We raised over $418.00 for the Cancer Society with our Wacky Hair Day gold coin donations.  Nice work, Riverdale students and staff.

Parkvale Sports Visit

Posted on August 26, 2010 by TC

Some pre-match tension from Caelum:

Now I feel nervous about playing Parkvale in rugby because everyone is going round saying they’ve got Under 12′s and they’re real big.

Before and after the match impressions from Sophie, who scored the vital equaliser just before the final whistle:

My thoughts about today’s soccer game is if we lose Mr McCallum will be really grumpy.

I am up front for the game and I hope I will score some goals for my team.  I hope Parkvale is not that good but then when you think about
it I want a challenge.  My mum and my nana are coming to watch me so I have to play well.
We have just started the soccer match and are winning 1 – 0. Oh no! They just scored!  The game keeps going and every time we score a goal they score one too.

Second half and we’re down 4-2.  Then Corbin comes in.  He’s determined to win.  He comes in and scores two goals, so its 4-4. Now they take a corner where everything can change.  A Parkvale boy headers it in. Oh no, what are we going to do?

I get a great ball from Cam and there are no defenders in my way.  I’m running and feeling really nervous.

I shoot, I score!  It’s a tie

Corbin saves the day in the penalty shoot-out.

Notes from Nathalia, a happy netballer:

Yes… yes… yes… yes… we beat Parkvale in the A Grade netball.   In the first and second quarter we were losing by three or four points, but we were so determined to win.  Our team hates losing and in the end we won 9 – 7 .  We were so happy.

After my game finished I went over to watch the rugby.  They were playing full on. There was only one girl in the whole match and that was Niamh from Riverdale.  She was playing hard out.  She was really good at rugby.  I think she was even better than some of the boys from both teams.

Then I went over to watch the soccer, but I only saw the last goal.  Guess who scored that goal?  It was Sophie.

What a great day.

Some thoughts from Zia, an enthusiastic poet:

Sport is the most exciting thing ever, even if you are just watching
It’s the air of intense competitiveness
The atmosphere rocks
People everywhere
The netballers scored
Gotta go see how rugby’s going
What’s the score?
35 nil!
Wow. They must be good to beat our mighty team.
What’s that?
I think we scored!
Soccer… yes its a tie.
Shoot-out time.
No pressure Riverdale.
Go Luke, score!
Block it Corbin!
Great save
Hey Zia, we won netball
Well done, great job.

All but soccer is finished
Everyone’s watching it
It’s up to you Riverdale, no pressure.
We scored.
That means we’ve won.

Two wins.
Pretty good, hey?

Te Reo Maori Celebration Day

Posted on August 26, 2010 by TC

Yesterday we went to LC 16. We watched Mrs Harland read a story. In the story the seal dies. I felt sad. Then we went to lunch. There was so much food! There was so much food there was some left over!

Oliver H LC1 Age 5

Whanau Groups

The whanau group was awesome. We got to be partners. My last room was LC 13.

Matt F LC1 Age 5

String Games

Yesterday we played string games. We did it with TC. I made a house with the string. It was fun and I made Dad’s pants and I made a spider. I did that with my Whanau Group.

Emma B LC1 Age 5

I made a bag of weaving. I wove it myself. I like it for ever and ever. We went to the hall for lunch. Yum Yum!

Renee M LC 1 Age 5

Whanau Groups

Yesterday we had a shared lunch and we made some koru patterns. I made a kete bag. I saw Mr Bron in LC 3 and we played stick games.

Ryan A LC1 Age 5