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Students honoured
Congratulations to...
...Maddi Chrystal - winner of the Bergerson Trophy for best all round Year Six student of 2012.

...Caleb Bottcher - winner of the Stannard Trophy for academic excellence.

... Luke Minshull - winner of the Arts prize.

...and Noah Macdermid and Sam Phillips - joint winners of the Macdermid Trophy for sporting excellence.

Right Choice Day Another Hit

It was another beautiful day with sunshine, water and bouncy castles.  Take a look at our photos.

Successful Experiment with Outdoor Concert

Our Te Puawai concert was held outside for the first time on Monday night and it was a huge success.  Students put in outstanding performances and the sun eventually joined us in our celebration.  

Special congratulations to Salma Abdalla and Cam Pita, winners of the Te Puawai Tamatea Trophy.

It was a massive team effort behind the scenes with the organisation of the hangi, and according a number of experts, it was one of the best ever!  Huge thanks go to the huge team of organisers who have been planning and preparing for this event for weeks.

Prizes Awarded to Outstanding Senior Students

Two very creative students, Cindy Edgeworth and Rebecca were awarded the Creativity award by Mrs Wiggins at our recent assembly.  These girls have had a successful Quiddage business in QZealand for the last two years.  They have used recycled items and designed and made a range of quality products such as sock monsters, book covers and dog toys.  They have provided many happy customers with Christmas and birthday presents.  Well deserved, girls.

Congratulations to and Christian Budden Grace Waterland for gaining the top Choir prize for 2012.  Your enthusiasm and commitment to our school choir this year and throughout your time at Riverdale have been greatly appreciated.  Hopefully you will both continue to make sure music is a big part of your lives.

Macdermid - Young Cyclist of the Year

Noah Macdermid and Kaitlyn Hook were selected to represent our school at the Young Cyclist of the Year competition held last Friday at Carncot School.  They had to do a road rules theory test, followed by a bike handling and signalling ride-off.  

Congratulations to Noah for winning the boys' section with  98% overall. 

Summer Hockey

Thanks Rebekah Mudford for these fabulous photos from Term 4, 2012:

Seven Wicket Haul for Pita

Cricketers and spectators were amazed to witness Cam Pita's astonishing seven wickets playing for Riverdale against Winchester last Friday.  
"It just felt like I could keep taking wickets forever", said Cam, "but then the over ended." 

Cam's wickets came in eight balls.  His final figures were four overs, seven wickets for four runs.

School Athletics

Another great Athletics day at the Massey track.  Thanks Mr McCallum and your trusty support crew for organising another wonderful day for lucky Riverdale kids.    

Students were given a standard or 1, 2 or 3 for the events, with only a few children achieving a 3.  Congratulations to these students:
6 year olds:  Abby-Rose Bailey (hurdles), Ariana Buttar (hurdles, sprints), Claire Weickhardt (sprints), Emily Archer (high jump, sprints, long jump), Ilah Beattie (high jump), May Moriyama (high jump), Megan Mansfield (high jump)
7 year olds: Akiva Rungarunga (sprints), Arihia Lind (hurdles), Kaia Marsters (sprints), Leah Monaghan (high jump), Madison Thomas (hurdles, high jump, sprints, shot put), Paige Steward (high jump), Ben Taylor (discus), Ben Tinsley (discus, hurdles, sprints, long jump, shot put), Cayden Sloss (hurdles, high jump), Kamil Mughal (high jump), Matthew Feehan (high jump), Rian Aldridge (high jump, long jump, shot put), Thomas van Rysewyk (sprints), Tyler Bron (discus, sprints), Xavier Grayson (discus, high jump, sprints, shot put)
8 year olds:  Alice Burgess-Hight (high jump), Chante McDonald (high jump), Daniella Gibson (high jump), Helena Mercer (high jump, sprints), Holly Mercer (high jump), Jessica Lampp (high jump), Kelsey Hannon (hurdles, high jump, sprints, long jump, shot put), Kayla Drew (hurdles, sprints, long jump), Mary Brunn (high jump), Jayden Hemi-McLean (sprints),  Joe Simpson-Smith (hurdles, high jump, sprints, discus), Nathan Rankin (high jump), Max Fagan (hurdles, long jump, shot put), Sam Collis (sprints, long jump), Jenny Gatehouse (sprints), Maddi Chrystal (sprints, discus, high jump), Maia Firmin (shot put, discus), Salma Abdalla (shot put), Tulin Pritchard (sprints, discus, hurdles, high jump), Zoe Croton (sprints, hurdles, high jump)

9 year olds:  Chloe Hozjan (high jump, long jump, discus), Heidi Scott (shot put), Kyla Gilshnan (sprints), Maddy Kirk (sprints, hurdles), Mikai Wilson (high jump), Millie Bleackley (sprints, long jump, hurdles), Molly Elliott (high jump), Ruby Smith (shot put), Rumer Johnson (high jump), Bradyn Popow (sprints, long jump, discus, hurdles), Hael Pritchard (high jump, sprints, long jump), Jakob Collis (sprints, hurdles), Lachie Avery (shot put), Ollie Wilson (high jump), shot put)

10 and 11 year olds:  Jenny Gatehouse (sprints), Maddi Chrystal (sprints, discus, high jump), Maia Firmin (shot put, discus), Salma Abdalla (shot put), Tulin Pritchard (sprints, discus, hurdles, high jump), Zoe Croton (sprints, hurdles, high jump), Brodie Williams (discus), Caleb Martin (discus), Cam Pita (shot put, discus, high jump), Campbell Wallace (discus), Camryn Mabey (discus), Chance Malu (discus, shot put), Connor Edwards (shot put, discus), Cwyntin-Trei Taiapa (discus), Harley Toki (shot put),  Jake Burgess-Hight (high jump), Luka Aldridge (shot put), Luke Minshull (sprints, shot put, discus, hurdles, high jump), Noah Macdermid (discus), Sam Phillips (sprints, discus), Seth Te Hore-Gardiner (sprints, shot put, discus), Tom Kirk (sprints, shot put, discus, hurdles), Tipene Norman (discus), Woodrow Hosking (discus)

Long Distance Results
5 year old girls: Millie, Ying Ying, Charlotte
5 year old boys: Harry, Riley, Cody
6 year old girls: Ariana, Claire, Tilly
6 year old boys: Kody, Jacob, Josh
7 year old girls: Maddi, Akiva, Emma
7 year old boys: Ben, Oliver, Tyler
8 year old girls: Kaela, Holly, Kelsey
8 year old boys: Joe, Max, Nichola
9/10/11 year old girls: Tulin, Jenny, Millie
9/10/11 year old boys: Noah, Sam, Hael

House Points

1st - Tui (815)
2nd - Takahe (781) 3rd - Kereru (746)
4th - Kakapo (736)

Congratulations, Tui 

Digi Awards Success

Congratulations to Riverdale students who made the finals of the Manawatu Digi Awards, held at the Regent Theatre last night.  

Finalists were:
Digital Photos
"Flower Frame" by Alana Holroyd, LC1
"Spider Tree" by Hunter Thomas, LC1
"Film Canisters" by Ruben Stanley

Book Trailers
Mini Documentary
"How does Palmerston North Get its Water?" by Jaime Duker, Maddi Chrystal and Joel Ochsner, LC13

Congratulations to Maddi, Jaime and Joel on taking out the Y4 - 6 Mini Documentary award.

Riverdale Rascals 2012 Hockey – Message from Coach, Mike Pritchard 
Posted on September 24, 2012 by TC 

Congratulations team on a successful season. Our goal for the start of the season was to be promoted to first division and trial a number of players for Manawatu U11 reps. The team went up to division one after three grading games
and went undefeated all season, eventually winning division one – first time a Riverdale team has claimed the first
division trophy. 

Seven of our players trialled for Manawatu U11 reps and made the team!!! with two of our players claiming higher honours; trophies’ for ‘Most inspirational player’ U11A boys and ‘Coaches Choice’ U11A girls. 

Special thanks to Paula Whenuaroa as our technical skills coach and all parents/grandparents for their continued
support throughout the season. Thank you to all our team members for their dedication towards training and being competitive every single game. You surely proved that you are a ‘Great Team’ and were a force to be reckoned with. 

Mike Pritchard – Coach 

We would like to thank Mike for his great coaching work this year. What an outstanding result for Mike and the team. Check out Mike’s season highlights.

Miniball Division 1 Team – Riverdale Allstars 

Thank you to both players and parents for such an exciting season this year. It has been a pleasure to coach such a committed group of skillful players who always displayed a positive attitude to learn and grow. Our semi-final game was against Russell Street School, which was our game of the year defeating them by an impressive margin. This gave us the well-deserved opportunity to face off against Linton School who were undefeated this season with a very well drilled team. With only one basket separating the sides at half time, we went down this year by 8 points. The children held their heads high and congratulated the opposing team, showing fantastic sportsmanship and representing Riverdale School admirably. 

Well done team!
Mr Bron - Coach 

Hockey – Riverdale Rebels are runners up 

Posted on September 20, 2012 by TC 

What a wonderful team effort for 2012. Thank you all for a great season. You have all improved so much this year. Some amazing skills, awesome determination and a happy team environment saw you earn a very well deserved finals spot, However, due to a very hard fought game with Bush, nail biting at times, we had to settle for runners up this year. A very special thanks to all the parents for your continuous support throughout the year. I appreciate your time and hope to see you all next year! 

Paula Whenuaroa, Coach 

Thanks for a great coaching job, Paula. We are really lucky to have you coaching our kids. 
Rippa Updates – Hot off the press… 
Posted on September 17, 2012 by TC 

Game 1: Manawatu 30 – Southland 10 

Game 2: Manawatu 25 – Bay of Plenty 10 

Game 3: Manawatu 60 – Wellington 10 

Game 4: Manawatu 45 – Horowhenu-Kapiti 20 

Game 5 – Quarter Final: Manawatu 35 – Poverty Bay 20 

Game 6 – Semi Final: Manawatu 30 – Canterbury 10 

Game 7 – Final: Manawatu 20 – Counties-Manukau 25 

Take a look at the 3 News story. 

Posted on September 13, 2012 by TC 

We wish our Rippa Rugby team all the best as they travel to Wellington this week end to participate in the National competition, representing Manawatu. Keep up to date with how they’re getting on with the Small Blacks Facebook page



Riverdale students have been baking, biking, potting, constructing, acting, book binding, kayaking, racing, swimming, decorating, toy making, model making, skating, scrap booking and bowling!
Thank you to all of you who have offered to take an elective or help out.  Our students are incredibly fortunate to have your enthusiasm and generosity.  

17 Boxes of Chocolates sold by top salesperson

Lily Griffin wins an iPod Touch and music dock for selling the most chocolates in the PTA fundraiser.

Prizes for second place went to Josh Mulcahy and Nadia Mabey.

Springtime at Riverdale

Art Expo

We’ve all recently seen or heard about our future Richie McCaws and Dan Carters.  Now, for a limited time, you have the opportunity to see a future 

Vincent van Gogh, Rita Angus or Paul Dibble.

Image 1

Mondrian Inspired Art by Hannah, LC12.  Koru Art by Nakeita, LC13

DanceNZMade Competition

Congratulations to our Dance Explorers who gained a 3rd placing at the DanceNZMade competition.  Your performance was fantastic.   Well done also to LC13, who didn't get a placing, but showed you don't all have to be top dancers to achieve a beautiful, synchronised, precision dance.  

Together... more.

Rippa Rugby Nationals

We wish our Rippa Rugby team all the best as they travel to Wellington this week end to participate in the National competition, representing Manawatu.

Game 1: Manawatu 30 - Southland 10 
Game 2: Manawatu 25 - Bay of Plenty 10 
Game 3: Manawatu  60 - Wellington 10 
Game 4: Manawatu 45 - Horowhenu-Kapiti 20 
Game 5 -  Quarter Final:  Manawatu 35 - Poverty Bay 20 
Game 6 - Semi Final: Manawatu 30 - Canterbury 10 
Game 7 - Final: Manawatu 20 - Counties-Manukau 25

Welcome to Riverdale

We are pleased to welcome two new teachers to Riverdale School for the remainder of this year:

Beth McAsey is teaching in LC3

Hi, my name is Beth McAsey and I am originally from the mighty sunny Hawkes Bay. I moved to Palmerston North in 2008 to begin my teaching journey. I have a huge passion for sport and I specialised in this during my four years of study. I am very excited to be starting my teaching career at Riverdale School, which is such a lovely, supportive school with the most fantastic students, staff and parents. I love having the opportunity to work with some of our youngest children and seeing their eyes light up when they learn for the very first time. I love working in such a great environment and am excited about all we are going to learn together this year.

Parkdale Exchange 2012 - Hockey

Final Score: Riverdale 12 - Parkvale 1.  What a team!

Thanks to Mike Pritchard for putting this movie together.

Mathex Success

We are thrilled to announce that our Year Six Mathex team came first in the annual interschool competition against 52 other Manawatu teams.  

Congratulations Caleb Bottcher, Caleb Martin, Luke Minshull 

and Joel Pulman.

Right Choice Day Fun

Mr McCallum and the Comms group dealt up some mischievous fun today for Term Two's Right Choice reward to congratulate all our Riverdale kids for all the good choices they made throughout the term.  The theme was 'Deal or No Deal' and there were some pretty crazy deals on offer.

Mrs Kenyon, Mrs Walker, Otie and Mr McCallum were all thrilled to have cream pies applied to their faces.  Mr Bron enjoyed having a number of eggs squished over him.  Mr McNaught  was very happy to not have to pay for a haircut when Maddi shaved his head.  Mrs Peck and Mrs Pyle won a drop dead gorgeous one minute makeover.  A number of other lucky staff members were ecstatic about being required to sit on water balloons until they burst.

More photos here.


Star Quality from Riverdale Performers

What a fantastic night.  Our Riverdale students were clearly born to perform as they wowed a nearly capacity crowd at the Regent Theatre last night.  Te Puawai grabbed everyone's attention from the opening moment and the entertainment just continued as group by group of enthusiastic, highly polished groovers brought enormous pleasure to the attentive audience.

More photos herehere and here.

Interschool Cross Country Success for Riverdale

Congratulations to our interschool cross country  teams.  We had a number of top 10 placings: N Macdermid (1st Y6 Boys), T Pritchard (1st Y6 Girls), S Abdalla (5th Y6 Girls), S Phillips (2nd Y6 Boys), C Martin (5th Y6 Boys), J Ochsner (7th Year 5 Boys).  Our Year Six Girls team came 2nd and our Year Six Boys team came first.

 More photos here.


Our eagerly awaited Duathlon finally took place after two weeks of postponements.

Congratulations to all contestants, the ones who won spot prizes and the big race winners.

Here is the result list:

5year old girls: M. Davis
5year old boys: M. Humphries
6year old girls: A. Rungarunga
6 year old boys: B. Tinsley
7 year old girls: K. Hannon
7 year old boys: J. Simpson-Smith
8 year old girls: M. Kirk
8 year old boys: H. Pritchard
9 year old girls: Z. Croton
9 year old boys: C. Mabey
10 & 11 years old girls: T. Pritchard
10 & 11 year old boys: N. Macdermid

House Points: 1st - Kereru 230pts, 2nd - Tui 208pts, 3rd - Takahe 197pts, 4th - Kakapo 168pts.

Skyscrapers at Camp

Senior classes have just had a very successful Outdoor Education experience at Camp Rangi Woods at Totara Reserve.  Although the weather was somewhat variable, students were engaged in a range of activities including outdoor cooking, fly fishing, stream crossing, epic grand slam padder tennis and cricket matches and making bush shelters.  The theme for camp was ‘Mission Survive”, which we managed with great fun and enthusiasm from all involved.


We would like to give a huge thank you to the people who made camp possible and successful.

  • the camp parents who sacrificed your work, families, energy, solitude and sleep for four days
  • the PTA who reduced camp fees by funding the buses
  • the teachers whose planning and organisation made the camps run so smoothly
  • Mark Royds for your fly fishing and noxious animal trapping at both camps
  • Brendon from the Armed Offenders Squad for bringing out your police dog and AOS equipment
  • Stew from Civil Defense

Adios to the Perez Family

We were sad to say 'adios' to the Perez family recently.  They left their lives in Barcelona, Spain, to spend close to a year in New Zealand while Señor Perez worked at Massey University.  They immersed themselves in the New Zealand and Riverdale experience.

I asked Cecilia why they chose Palmy to live instead of the big cities like Auckland and Wellington.  She said they wanted a break from big cities because Barcelona is a giant place.  They needed to get away from all the traffic and all the people.  That is why they chose Palmy.

Cecilia says she really liked our school.  The best parts were that the playground is really big and it has grass!  They don't have grass in their schools in Spain.  She liked the learning here, too.  I think Beatriz liked the friends she made at Riverdale.  They both always had a smile on their face.

I really want to go to Barcelona for a year, go to school there and see the Perez family.

by Grace Waterland and TC

Papa Jack Talks to Seniors

The Senior Skyscrapers were fortunate to have Papa Jack as a guest speaker recently.  His talk was about some of the ways Maori used the bush as a source of food and medicine.  An example is the aka (or aka aka) vine, which had many uses.

  1. It could be woven into a basket to catch eels.  The basket was designed so that eels could swim in, but not out of the basket.
  2. It was boiled down and used as a poultice to heal cuts and grazes.
  3. When applied directly to the skin, it would help to heal broken bones

Papa Jack likened the bush to a chemist shop.  Whatever was needed to heal could be found in the bush.

Part of the Senior Skyscrapers' inquiry will be to try to research what plants can be used as food and medicine.

From the Board of Trustees Chairman:

2012 Another year has come and now almost gone, yet another successful year at Riverdale School.

The Board members have remained unchanged throughout the year, with a minor change in ranks due to circumstances, resulting in Craig Hannon regretfully standing down from his role as Chairperson, taken over by myself, Dave Bleackley.  Many of you may know me already, and those who don’t, I look forward to meeting you. Craig has done a stellar job, and we’re glad that he has agreed to stay on as a valued member of the Board. Next year sees another Board election take place and I urge you to consider putting your name forward.

A huge thank you must be given to Debra Peck, Matt McCallum, the management team and all the staff at Riverdale School for making this such an enjoyable school to work with and for. The Board is extremely proud to be part of this collaboration, helping bring continued success and benefit to all our students, parents and the community as a whole.

On the 20th December we will get together as a Board to take stock of the year that has passed, and look forward to the year ahead, setting some strategic goals to ensure our success continues in all areas.

“National Standards”, “League Tables”, “contextualizing data” have been topical discussions at our Board meetings throughout the year. We do urge you to visit the Ministry’s website to further familiarise yourself with any queries or concerns you may have with regards to topics that have been raised throughout the year, by the Media, and the Ministry. Please know that we have the interests of the school and it's staff, students, families and community at heart.

Success and involvement has been so evident yet again this year in such events as Triathlons, Duathlons, Mathex Compe- tition, Rippa Rugby Nationals, Te Puawai, Art Expo, Electives, Swim for Life, Athletics, Choir, Digi Awards, Parkvale Sports Exchange, DanceNZMade Competition, Right Choice Days, ‘Born to Perform’ production, Senior Skyscrapers Camp, Year Four sleepover, Regional Ukulele Festival, Winter Hockey, Summer Hockey, Monday Touch Rugby, Friday Touch, TeeBall, Cricket, Miniball and Netball. The list of opportunities is exhaustive, as are the accolades many of our students have received. Brilliant work!

This year saw the Kiwis strive for excellence, and achieve it many times, at the London Olympics. Not unlike the team at Riverdale School - a champion team, striving for excellence. We thank you for your unwavering support of our school and wish you a safe, happy Christmas, and a well deserved break.

Best wishes Dave Bleackley 

From the PTA:

Again, this year has been an extremely busy one for the PTA. In Term 2 we held our inaugural Walk-a-thon. Although the weather wasn’t the best the children participated in fine spirit.

Also in Term 2 we all enjoyed the amazing school production “Born to Perform”, held at the Regent Theatre. We would like to thank the sponsors who supported the production raffle. It is the generous donations received from within the community that contribute to the success of such fundraising activities.

Over $25,000 has been raised as at the end of Term 3 and we would like this opportunity to thank all families, whether it is for your assistance with projects or for supporting our many fundraisers throughout the year. We are extremely fortunate to have a ded- icated group of PTA members but are also grateful for all those parents who help out on a regular basis.

With your co-operation we have been able to purchase additional sports equipment, including uniforms, and at the beginning of this term an artificial turf was installed. This was a major undertaking and it is great to see so many of our children and wider school community already using this wonderful facility. In addition we have funded camp buses, supported the Te Puawai Hangi & Concert; and the Year Six Leavers function.

If you have any items of unwanted second hand uniform in good condition, could you please bring these to the school office so that we can build up a good stock for the beginning of next year.

For leavers, a date will be advised when you can bring your items in to school at the conclusion of Term 4.

Please remember that all calendar orders are due in on Friday 23 November.

Nicola Budden,
Chairperson, Riverdale School PTA 

Term 2 PTA Newsletter June 2012

The Riverdale Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall policy, staffing and maintenance of the school.  The Board meets twice a term.  These meetings are open to the public.  We are most appreciative of the support we receive from the members of the Board of Trustees.

The Board has a column in the community newsletter twice a year updating parents on school development.


We have a very vibrant and successful PTA, which meets regularly throughout the year.  When your child is enrolled you are automatically a member of the PTA, and eligible to attend general meetings.  The PTA committee has provided a large range of equipment for our school.  They support us throughout the year, especially on sports days and special occasions.  Any proceeds from their activities help provide extra facilities for our school.  Regular PTA newsletters will keep you informed of forthcoming projects.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an enthusiastic, energetic group of parents who support Riverdale School in it’s day-to-day activities throughout the year.  The PTA is an excellent medium for parents or caregivers to meet others, particularly those who are new in the school or the area, and who have an interest in the activities of their children inside and outside of school. Some of the many activities the PTA is involved include: Fundraising; Duathlon; Quiz Evenings; Sausage Sizzles, School Discos…

The Officers of the PTA (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) and General Committee Members are elected at the AGM.

Everything we do helps your child, so come along and become involved.  If you are curious and would like to see what it is all about – we would love to see you there!  There will be a light supper and this will be followed by a committee meeting.

If you have any queries feel free to contact either the Chairperson:  Nicola Budden ( or Secretary Tracey Royds (