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Fundraising (1)


PRESENT:               L Stone, M Poyzer, J Shortall, L Hills, E Scott, B Holm, S Young, R Boyce, M McCallum, S Cree, M Beard, P Hislop

APOLOGIES:         D Franklin, K Brown, K Noon


Read and accepted                                                                                                                                       Megan/Sue



Alcohol Licence – Jody rang.  Paperwork complete, to be forwarded to school in next couple of days.

Alcohol – Five Star quote to be finalised before the end of this week.  To buy wine from supermarket.

·       Bubbly – 3 dozen

·       White wine – Sauvignon Blanc 4 x cases, Chardonnay 1 x case

·       Merlot – 2 x cases

·       Beer – Tui, Steinlager/Heineken, Double Brown TBA

·       RTDs – Gin, Rum, Vodka, Bourbon TBA

·       OJ, Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Beer TBA                                                                            Mary/Matt/Jody

·       Water bottles for tables (6 per table)

Tables – to be cancelled from hire centre.  20 Tablecloths from $2 shop.  Red and White.   Bridget

Team Table Names – jars to be donated from committee.  5 to be bought from Warehouse.  Cardboard to be organised by Pam.  Danny to organise dowling                                      Danny/Pam

Float – Matt to contact Megan re denominations for money.                                         Matt/Megan

Pens, scrap paper etc for the night from school                                                                                          Matt/Austin

Water containers for bar                                                                                                                          Megan

Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, serviettes from FOCS basket                                                           Linley/Megan

Prizes – under control                                                                                                                                  Danny/Linley

Team Uniforms for Committee and Quiz Master – Black pants, white top and something red to be supplied (15).                                                                                                                                                             Bridget

Decorations – Lanterns purchased by committee.

Food – Bring platters, bowls, ramekins, tea towels, cheese knives, sharp knives and bread knives.  Meet Friday 4 Sept at 12pm to set up hall and prepare food.

Recycling bins for bottles                                                                                                                          Donna

Balance at as today’s date $3,504.91

Meeting closed 8.35pm




PRESENT:               L Stone, L Hills, D Franklin, M McCallum, K Brown, E Scott, M Beard, J Shortall,                                      M Poyzer, B Holm, K Noon

APOLOGIES:         P Hislop, S Young

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:         Read and accepted                                                               Bridget/Megan


Charity Status

As discussed at the last meeting, Emma Scott was looking into changing our committee status to a registered charity.  Only thing needed was 2-3 more officers of the committee to be nominated and accepted.  Nominations are as follows:

Emma Scott         -                                                                                                                                               Kylie/Bridget

Jody Shortall      -                                                                                                                                               Megan/Linley

Matt McCallum                  -                                                                                                                                               Lynda/Mary

The officers elected were duly signed off at this meeting.  Our constitution needed some amendments to conform to charity status and this was undertaken by Emma which was presented and the changes were accepted and passed.                                                                                  Jody/Mary

The amendments to the clauses in the constitution are as attached.

A lot of work put in for this, thank you to Emma.                


Thank you to all who worked and helped organise the soccer prize giving night.  We made $252.00.  Maybe a touch tournament or something similar for Term 4.  Matt to finalise details and get back to committee.                                                                                                                                                        M McCallum

Balance of our account to this date $2,611.81                                                                          M Poyzer

Pet Day 2015

Need to start thinking about organising.  Work done by Jody so far:

·       Date confirmed Tuesday 3 November

·       Ribbons ordered

Need to get forms to the Association regarding animal numbers by end August.  Notice to go to parents to register animals by mid-August.  Christie Marshall contacted re coffee cart.  To be confirmed.                                                                                                                                                          M Poyzer




Quiz Night

·       Questions Done – payment due when school receives package

·       Austin Smith confirmed as Quiz Master

·       Food – in progress

·       Alcohol Licence – Registered with Council, waiting for assessment and acceptance

·       Alcohol Quotes – Have two (Liquorland and Beer Barrel), waiting for wine quote from Liquorland.                                                                                                                                                          Mary

·       Lights and music – Wireless mic and lights/music with Brodie Noon                         Karla

·       Tables – ordered 15 @ $19.99 per table.  Expensive outlay.  ??Other options.  Matt to look into Village Valley Centre for quote.  Tables at the hall maybe available.  Table cloths to buy from spotlight/$2 shop                                                                                                              Bridget/Matt

·       Float

·       Advertising – outside school?  13 teams at this stage.  Teams growing nicely

·       Lions Club – Doormen, Barmen                                                                                                                               Linley

·       Prizes – Basket of goodies (6) for winning team.  Progress.  Bubbly from J Pearce, other items from Wendy Bismark                                                                                                                                      Danny

·       Jobs on Night -   Clearing tables, Pens, Rubbish, Hot food, Milo tins for smokers outside               

·       Team Uniforms – for committee.  Look into what to wear                                                  Karla

Next meeting Wednesday 19 August 7pm.  Meeting closed at 8.20pm



PRESENT:               M McCallum, E Scott, L Stone, B Holm, K Noon, P Hislop, J Shortall, D MacMillan, L Hills, D Franklyn, M Beard, S Young


APOLOGIES:         M Poyzer, R Boyce, K Brown, S Cree


Minutes of last meeting:                Taken as read and accepted                                           Emma/Sue


General Business Arising from last minutes:

·       Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser made $80.  Well done Pam – relatively easy fundraiser not much work for $80 return.

·       IRD letter in reply to our query about a tax reduction.  We have qualified for a per annum reduction but only up to first $1000.   Some discussion regarding this and it was agreed that it seemed we may be able to apply for more.   Emma Scott to look into it.

Progress:               E Scott/M McCallum

·       ANZAC Day commemoration well done and much appreciated by whole community.  Thanks to staff at school.

·       Sports Uniforms – hopefully to arrive next week before Kainui Cross Country.  BoT has kindly agreed to support committee funding this.  Quiz Night organised later in year to raise funds.



To be organised for Friday 4 September in Colyton Hall.

Questions and Organising of Set up (and other staff keen to help)             Austin/Matt

Quiz Master                                                                                                                                      Austin Smith

Food – Platters on tables, savouries/pies, chippies, peanuts                      Linely

Alcohol – Liquor Licence, glasses, amounts                                                               Jody/Matt

Judges – For marking of questions after each round                                            Lynda, Danny & Emma

Lights/Sound – Brodie Noon kindly offered services                                             Karla

Tables – 20 tables seating 6 each and cloths (no chairs reqd)                      Bridget

Cash Bar – Prices same as ball previous year                                                           Linley/Danny

Advertising – Offer to school community first, then general public. Posters, website and newsletter home.  Registration form to be completed and paid in full to register.  To be commenced in two weeks                                                                                                                                                            Pam



·       Winning Team 6 packs of assorted goodies in a chilly bag             Danny

·       Best Dressed – round of drinks (Judges to decide?)

·       Heads and Tails interlude game - $50 cash per time                         Matt

·       ? Sponsorship                                                                                                                Linley/Bridget

Float – Organised already                                                                                                       Megan

Bar and Bouncers – Colyton Lions                                                                                     Linley

Quote for Alcohol – Wine from supermarket, Beer and RTDs                         Mary


·       Soccer Wind Up and Prizegiving

Sausage Sizzle and Prizegiving on Monday 29th June 3-5pm. Matt to email other schools and inform them.  $2 per sausage, drinks, bread, onions, sauce.  Teachers to put up tent, organise BBQ and float.



Meeting closed 8.45pm.  Next meeting Tuesday 28 July 7pm



PRESENT: M Rowden-Poyzer, S Young, Emma Scott, M McCallum, L Stone, L Hills, S Cree, J Shortall, K Noon, P Hislop, R Boyce, B Holm

APOLOGIES: K Brown, M Beard


1               To receive minutes of previous AGM

2               Chairpersons Report

3               Treasurers Report

4               Election of Office Holders & Ordinary members for 2015

5               Any other general business


7.20pm Welcome to all new faces tonight. 

1.     Inland Revenue requires a constitution for tax exemption.  An alteration was made and added by Linley Stone (as instructed).  Move to accept alteration and sign new version to be adopted by IRD.                                            Move: Sue Young               Second:  Bridget Holm

2.     Move to accept minutes of last AGM, done as we are a new committee.

3.     Chairpersons Report, as attached           Move:   Bridget Holm      Second: Jody Shortall

4.     Treasurer’s Report, as attached                                  Move:   Linley Stone                          Second: Sarah Cree

Auditors Review attached also and authenticated the accounts.  For cost of a bottle of wine.

Sue leaves 7.20pm.

Danny Franklin arrives 7.28pm.

Election of Office Holders and Ordinary Members

All members stood down at the end of 2014, new members and office holders elected.

Signatorys organised at the bank -  to be Linley, Megan and Jody.

Chairperson:      Linley Stone        Move: Jody Shortall        Second: Lynda Hills

Treasurer:            Megan Rowden-Poyzer                   Move: Linley Stone          Second: Pam Hislop

Secretary:            Bridget Holm      Move: Jody Shortall        Second: Sarah Cree

Committee Members: Lynda Hills, Pam Hislop, Sarah Cree, Matt McCallum, Rod Boyce, Danny Franklin, Emma Scott, Karla Noon, Jody Shortall

Basic agenda sent out prior to all meetings.  Posted in newsletter each week before meetings, to include any other school community members who would like to attend.

General Business

·       Gala Day for ANZAC Day, in conjunction with the Colyton Lions proposed by Gary Young.  Pre- arranged celebrations already in progress with community and school.  Perhaps different Gala day later in year with more time for preparations.

General Business Cont’d

Sue returns 7.45pm

·       ANZAC Day celebrations with school, church, Lions and community organised for Friday 24th April.  Fundraising committee to be involved with organising baking from parents for school.  Morning tea at the school after Cenotaph service.  Further details to come.

·       Bridget suggested new sports uniforms and/or tracksuits for children.  New sports top already being looked into by sub-committee of the Board.  Sub-committee to report back to fundraising committee on progress.                                                Progress:               Matt McCallum


·       Correspondence received from various fundraising companies.  Accepted and read.  P Hislop to investigate Hot Cross Buns for fundraising.  Time frame to be identified.

Progress:               Pam Hislop

·       Winter Ball to be discussed.  Other ideas to be deliberated. 

Other ideas:        Races Night

                                    Quiz Night

                                    Casino Night

                                    Vegas Quiz Night

The idea of Quiz Night seems popular.  Dates for end of Term 2 queried.  Saturday 20 June….? Courtesy van?  Liquor licence person – Jody Shortall.  Mr McCallum to sort a format for us.  Nicola Bright experienced fundraiser for quiz nights.  Lynda to ask her advice.

                                                                                                                                                Progress:  Lynda Hills

·       Sausage sizzle discussed by Lynda Hills, schmooze to not be replaced after run out.  Sausage sizzle to continue the whole year?  Donna to put out roster to parents to volunteer help.  Change up menu for couple of Fridays a term – burgers, burritos, American hotdogs etc

·       Linley enquired re street light in the carpark.  Matt responded no but Fire Service have suggested that it is dark around the school.  Matt to ask Board and get back to us.

Progress: Matt McCallum


·       Matt mentioned there is progress on a competitive soccer tournament in the pipeline.  Perhaps with other cluster schools and community involvement.  Looking at Monday nights for 8 weeks.  Starting next term.

Meeting closed 8.40pm.  Next meeting date to be advised.