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Minutes - March 2015

posted Oct 1, 2015, 1:39 AM by Google Administrator   [ updated Oct 1, 2015, 1:55 AM ]


PRESENT: M Rowden-Poyzer, S Young, Emma Scott, M McCallum, L Stone, L Hills, S Cree, J Shortall, K Noon, P Hislop, R Boyce, B Holm

APOLOGIES: K Brown, M Beard


1               To receive minutes of previous AGM

2               Chairpersons Report

3               Treasurers Report

4               Election of Office Holders & Ordinary members for 2015

5               Any other general business


7.20pm Welcome to all new faces tonight. 

1.     Inland Revenue requires a constitution for tax exemption.  An alteration was made and added by Linley Stone (as instructed).  Move to accept alteration and sign new version to be adopted by IRD.                    Move: Sue Young               Second:  Bridget Holm

2.     Move to accept minutes of last AGM, done as we are a new committee.

3.     Chairpersons Report, as attached           Move:   Bridget Holm      Second: Jody Shortall

4.     Treasurer’s Report, as attached              Move:   Linley Stone       Second: Sarah Cree

Auditors Review attached also and authenticated the accounts.  For cost of a bottle of wine.

Sue leaves 7.20pm.

Danny Franklin arrives 7.28pm.

Election of Office Holders and Ordinary Members

All members stood down at the end of 2014, new members and office holders elected.

Signatorys organised at the bank -  to be Linley, Megan and Jody.

Chairperson:      Linley Stone        Move: Jody Shortall        Second: Lynda Hills

Treasurer:            Megan Rowden-Poyzer   Move: Linley Stone          Second: Pam Hislop

Secretary:            Bridget Holm      Move: Jody Shortall        Second: Sarah Cree

Committee Members: Lynda Hills, Pam Hislop, Sarah Cree, Matt McCallum, Rod Boyce, Danny Franklin, Emma Scott, Karla Noon, Jody Shortall

Basic agenda sent out prior to all meetings.  Posted in newsletter each week before meetings, to include any other school community members who would like to attend.

General Business

Gala Day for ANZAC Day, in conjunction with the Colyton Lions proposed by Gary Young.  Pre- arranged celebrations already in progress with community and school.  Perhaps different Gala day later in year with more time for preparations.

General Business Cont’d

Sue returns 7.45pm

ANZAC Day celebrations with school, church, Lions and community organised for Friday 24th April.  Fundraising committee to be involved with organising baking from parents for school.  Morning tea at the school after Cenotaph service.  Further details to come.

Bridget suggested new sports uniforms and/or tracksuits for children.  New sports top already being looked into by sub-committee of the Board.  Sub-committee to report back to fundraising committee on progress.                           Progress:               Matt McCallum

Correspondence received from various fundraising companies.  Accepted and read.  P Hislop to investigate Hot Cross Buns for fundraising.  Time frame to be identified, 

Progress:               Pam Hislop

Winter Ball to be discussed.  Other ideas to be deliberated. 

Other ideas:        Races Night

                           Quiz Night

                           Casino Night

                           Vegas Quiz Night

The idea of Quiz Night seems popular.  Dates for end of Term 2 queried.  Saturday 20 June….? Courtesy van?  Liquor licence person – Jody Shortall.  Mr McCallum to sort a format for us.  Nicola Bright experienced fundraiser for quiz nights.  Lynda to ask her advice.                                                                                                                        Progress:  Lynda Hills

Sausage sizzle discussed by Lynda Hills, schmooze to not be replaced after run out.  Sausage sizzle to continue the whole year?  Donna to put out roster to parents to volunteer help.  Change up menu for couple of Fridays a term – burgers, burritos, American hotdogs etc

Linley enquired re street light in the carpark.  Matt responded no but Fire Service have suggested that it is dark around the school.  Matt to ask Board and get back to us. Progress: Matt McCallum 

Matt mentioned there is progress on a competitive soccer tournament in the pipeline.  Perhaps with other cluster schools and community involvement.  Looking at Monday nights for 8 weeks.  Starting next term.

Meeting closed 8.40pm.  Next meeting date to be advised.