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Our Vision Statement

Colyton School Charter

We are Colyton School. Not the buildings or the place but the kids and staff who inhabit them.
Colyton is named after a small village in England. Both of us share a St Andrews Church and flat rolling country. Colyton once had a pub, general store and a butcher. These things are long gone but the community and school remain strong.
Huge growth in the area from lifestyle blocks and smaller holdings has helped to secure a bright future for the district and school.

School Description

Colyton School is a decile 9, full primary state school delivering education to Year 1 to 8 students.
Colyton is a rural community situated 8 km northeast of Feilding and 20 km northwest of Palmerston North. The catchment of Colyton School includes the areas of Hiwinui, Waiata, Taonui, Cheltenham and Feilding. Colyton has had a strong tradition of support for the school, which shows in the facilities available, and amount of family and community involvement.
Our proximity to town and our friendly holistic approach to teaching and learning makes us a popular choice for families from a broad section of the Feilding community. The lack of public transport is not seen as a stumbling block to families who come from the Feilding township. There is a fully funded bus for children from Waiata each day.
The Ministry of Education instructed the Board to implement an enrolment scheme to minimise the risk of over crowding. This has been effective and there remains great class sizes and a strong family focus. As of July 2011 the average class size at Colyton is 17 children.

Our School mission is to:

"Create Confident Lifelong Learners Who Strive to Achieve Their Personal Best"