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Bought Lunches.

Lost Property

Specific Consent Forms, Photographs and Class Trips

When a child enrols a specific consent form is completed. From time to time photos with pupils at work or around the school may appear on school publications or local newspapers (New Parents booklet, this website, flyers, Evening Standard, Tribune etc). If you would like to exclude your child from being in any such photograph, please let the school know in writing.



The wearing of approved sunhats is compulsory during Term 1 & 4 in any outside activity. An approved sunhat is dark blue and protects the face, ears and back of the neck. e.g. bucket hat or legionnaire’s hat. We will not permit them to be out in the sun.

School Donation and Activity Fee

Fees may be paid by Direct Credit and installments can be arranged if needed. Inquire at the office. We stress that part of this is a voluntary donation, and receipts are issued for claiming on tax returns. We rely heavily on a realistic school donation in order to support our library, technology, sports and music equipment. The activity fee will cover many of the class trips within the city, tissues, photocopying and the swimming programme.

Toys and Games

We strongly discourage children from bringing these to school. They distract children from learning and are very difficult to keep in one piece. We do not permit electronic games or cell phones.


All children are expected to wear the Colyton School uniform with pride. We do have a small supply of second hand uniforms at school. Contact Donna in the office.

In cold weather navy, black or white polyprops may be worn underneath uniform tops. White, black or navy socks or tights may also be worn. School shoes are to be preferably black, sports shoes and sandals are optional. No pink fluffy boots or heels etc.

Please ensure that all clothing and shoes are named.

Uniforms are available for purchase from:

Academy Apparel, 306 Main St, Palmerston North. Phone 063540979. Email: sales@academyapparel.co.nz

They are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 - 5pm.


Children will learn best if they ENJOY coming to school. We appreciate the interest shown by parents in the children’s school activities, and we do encourage parents to visit the school regularly. Be willing to be involved in the children’s activities throughout the year – the time spent is an investment in the future. There are many opportunities to participate in – school sports, camps, music activities, and in-class programmes. Watch newsletters for opportunities to become involved.

A few things we think are important:

  • Remember that educating children is a co-operative effort (Parents, teacher & child).
  • Listen to what your children want to tell you when they arrive home, but don’t take for gospel truth everything a child tells you – it can often be a totally different story by the time it gets home! Show sympathy if your children come home upset, but discuss things with them, and coping strategies, so they’re happy to go to school the next day.
  • Discuss books with them when they bring them home.
  • Admire their pictures and drawings and talk about them with the children.
  • Give lunches that are healthy and which your children like and enjoy. Include a drink in a plastic sipper bottle (filled with water). 
  • Children move at different rates in all areas, so don’t compare their rate of progress with others of the same age.
  • Encourage independence and positive risk taking.
  • Don’t take the teachers for granted! They put in an enormous effort for your children and get little recognition for their extra work. They appreciate some positive feedback occasionally too.
  • Contact us if you have any problems or queries, before they become bigger than necessary.