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Our Guiding Values

-Stands up and expresses themselves
through speech etc and contributes
to the class.
-Has a good self image.
-Faces challenging situations.
-Can ask others to play with them.
-Will take risks.
-Presents well and is self assured.
-Is relaxed and happy.

-Keen to come to work.
-Well planned and organised
-Supports and defends good practices.
-Speaks up for own and others rights.
-Has a belief that they are good at what they do.
-Can justify their actions.
-Happily take on broader roles and curriculum

 -Happy to approach you with ideas.
-Good home school relationship.
-Not always rushing in to seek reassurance
-Helps other parents when required.
-Keen to work with teachers.

 Personal Best
Looks to improve all the time.
-Works consistently to complete work.
-Tries their best work.
-Strives for their best in content and
-Takes ideas on board and modifies
their learning.

 Always aiming to improve practice.
-Asks questions; seeks knowledge.
-Has plans and goals.
-Strategic broader goals for own future.

 -Encourages children; supports them without taking over.
-Keen to help.
-Open communicators.
-Caring and make time for school and kids.
-Supportive of kids learning.
-Show empathy and understanding.

 Integrity -Always being truthful
-Strong sense of honesty and justice.
-Accepts responsibility for actions and for self.
-Gives work an honest effort.
-Being true to yourself.

-Deals with consistency in situations.
-Is honest and keeps confidence.
-Admits when they've made a mistake.
-Aware of children's ability and sensitive to their needs.

 -Supports the school in public.
-Uses the right channels for communication or complaint.
-Keeps confidence.
-Avoids 'car park gossip'.

 Respect -Respects peers and teachers.
-Treats others well.
-Looks after others property.
-Treats others the way they'd like to
be treated.

-Takes care of work environment.
-Looks after resources.
-Professional language. Listens to others opinions.
-Treats children as individuals.
-Trustworthy, uses manners.
-Treats others with dignity. 

-Builds good rapport with teachers and others.
-Doesn't discuss school or teacher issues in front of their children.
-Uses appropriate language especially on school grounds and trips.
-Does not spread gossip.

-Gives others a fair hearing without prejudgment.
-Doesn't take matters into their own hands eg. approaching other parents about their child's work or behaviour.
 Initiative  -Doing things without being asked.
-Thinking about what's next.
-Independent learning.
-Has good ideas
-Has a drive to learn.
-Takes responsibility for own learning.
-Seeks solutions to simple problems.

-Doing stuff that needs doing
-Doesn't wait to be reminded.
-Shows common sense.
-Is pragmatic
-Follows the teaching as inquiry model.
-Creative and takes challenges outside comfort zone.

 -Helps without being asked.
-Talks to teachers at appropriate times (not straight before class or during meetings).
-Has creative ideas for helping their kids.
-Offers positive suggestions for improving the school.
-Finishes off stuff.
-Willing to give stuff a go.
-Sticks to a task
-Knows when things are done.
-Doesn't just settle for 'It'll be fine..."

-Manages time effectively.
-Sticks to tasks.
-Keeps going until its mastered.
-Keeps challenging themselves.
-Takes on new learning.

-Encourages their children to persevere.
-Supports children in their learning.