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Contact Information:

Colyton School

421 Colyton Road, R.D. 5

Feilding 4775

Phone: (06) 328 7877

Principal: Sam Bradnock

principal@ colyton.school.nz

Office Administrator:  Donna Macmillan

office@ colyton.school.nz

Assistant Principal: Austin Smith

austinsmith@ colyton.school.nz

Year 6/7/8 Teacher

Deputy Principal: Linley van Echten

linleyvanechten@ colyton.school.nz

Year 0/1 Teacher

Jo Beard

jobeard@ colyton.school.nz

Year 5/6 Teacher

Sarah Stephens

sarahstephens@ colyton.school.nz

Year 2/3 Teacher

Raelene Watts

raelenewatts@ colyton.school.nz

Year 3/4 Teacher

Kate Bray

kate@ colyton.school.nz

Teacher Aide

Rochelle Simpson

rochelle@ colyton.school.nz

Year 3/4 Teacher

Liz Shaw

liz@ colyton.school.nz

Teacher Aide

Megan Poyzer


Board of Trustees

Hannah Carthew (Chairperson)

Austin Smith (Staff Representative)

Danny Franklin

Jason Hills

Marcel Scott

Penelope Waugh


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