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Digi Awards

Here is this year's crop of Riverdale's entries into the Manawatu Digi Awards:

Birds' Nest - LC16

 Digital Photo - 'Lone Builder' by Alex Drayson-Hirst, LC16

Music Video - Kanohi Ki te Kanohi E. LC13

Movie - Grandma Louise goes Babysitting. LC13

 Digital Photo. 'Cloudy' by Iziah Kimura, LC16  

Documentary - Random Acts of Kindness. LC9/10

Animation - Look after our Trees. LC9/10

 Digital Photo. 'The Light' by Jake King, LC16


Animation - Care for the Environment. LC9/10

 'Reaching for the Sky' by Jamie Rea, LC15
Digital Photo 'Reaching Up,' by Alex Robson, LC15
Digital Photo 'Through the Trees,' by Dylan Byers, LC15

Documentary - The Not so Ordinary Cleaner, LC13

'We are Done', LC15
Photo Story 'How to Loom,' by Alaina Barker, LC15
Photo Story - Seasons of Change by Harry Skelsey, LC15