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Wind flying swiftly over the excited soldiers and the hopeful enemy waiting to cause youthful deaths. 

Ocean turning into a narrow path of water and now pushing the row boats down ready! 

Rowing as if it’s all their worth and not one excited just weary not knowing it’s going to get harder. 

Lunging into the wrong area and getting shot one by one now all you hear is whining bullets. 

Diggers digging the trenches while soldiers use friends as a war shield. 

War is just the bodies of the men that died, now soldiers sleep in terror. 

A day of deep regrets of wanting to go to war but they can’t all be sorry because they were forced. 

Really little amount of proud people unlike the other day when they were excited. 

On the rest of the days it was bang! bang! bang! and sending out Killed In Action letters. 

Now we’re too big with America, Australia, New Zealand, all in the allies. 

Entering New Zealand looking like the whole of New Zealand but the Killed In Action letters, some of them are pleased they were a mistake! 

By Emily Robinson age 8