Dogs are better than cats: By Holly Shortall

posted Aug 23, 2016, 3:40 PM by Colyton Principal

Dear Editor

I do not believe cats are better than dogs. I live at a house with 5 dogs and 1 cat. At our place the dogs are way more fun and I spend way more time with the dogs than I do with the cat.

When I get home from school the dogs run around the side of the house to welcome me home they are always excited to see me and want cuddles. When I walk inside the cat opens one eye and then goes back to sleep again.

At home we have a farm dog, her name is Bess. She moves all our sheep and bulls she also listens to all mums commands. Without Bess farm work would be tough. While Bess is working the cat is asleep in the sun on the couch.

Sometimes we take your dogs to the river. At the river they love to play in the sand, swim in the water and hunt possums. Our cat prefers to hang around home rather than go to the river.

Our dogs are way more exciting than our cat. I enjoy the dogs because I get to do lots of things with them. This is why I believe dogs are better than cats.

From Holly Shortall