Striders Road Race

posted Mar 13, 2016, 12:39 PM by Colyton Principal

Congratulations to all of the children for putting in such dedicated effort. Team Cups Overall School

Well done especially to all


5/6 Girls 5/6 Boys 7/8 Girls 7/8 Boys

Individual Placings

1st Place 5/6 Girl 2nd Place 5/6 Girl 3rd Place 5/6 Girl

1st Place 5/6 Boy 2nd Place 5/6 Boy 3rd Place 5/6 Boy

1st Place 7/8 Girl 2nd Place 7/8 Girl 3rd Place 7/8 Girl

1st Place 7/8 Boy 2nd Place 7/8 Boy 3rd Place 7/8 Boy

Manchester Street
Oroua (Kimbolton and Apiti) Monrad

Lucy Evans, Manchester Street Hayley Cornwall, Tiritea Rebekah Trewhitt, St Marys

Reuben Duker, Manchester Street James Sandbrook, Oroua
Flynn McMillan, Manchester Street

Elouise Hook, Monrad Kaia Masters, Monrad Brooke Pratt, Oroua

Remy Early, Oroua Arran Hislop, Colyton Cody Smith, Colyton