Descriptive stories (LC6)

posted May 12, 2016, 8:22 PM by Colyton Principal   [ updated May 12, 2016, 8:28 PM ]

I look up , the sky saturated with red. My mouth dry and eyes star less Sixty-four days out here, sixty-four days since the shocking drought.Not a day goes by where it think that what I did was repulsive. But today is a new day.  


I leapt into the air as I jump my motorbike. It all happened so quickly one second ago a was sailing through the air now I’m lying on the ground.


The water lay still, untouched for a thousand years. But then the ground jolted and for the first time the water swished around but a few short seconds passed. The water lay still again. Who knows when it will move next, there are still millions of years to come.


My eyes focused. My hand pulled tightly. Fingers on strong string. The arrow pointing. Balancing on the narrow branch. I let go(fly). The force hit me like a shock and a huge thud tingled my eardrums.I climbed down the tree and walked over to the deer.


My blistered fingers curved around the strings while the tip was pointed at the end of the dried out paddock. PPEEWW  I let go and it flew through the air like a jet flying at speed. I scampered down the paddock. I had got 40 metres down the paddock.


My heart trembles as I draw my bow. Lining its antlers on the red pin. I can feel my pulse thumping in my heart. I let the arrow go shutting my eyes.