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Parents are entitled to have a child enrolled and begin school when they turn five (5). The Ministry of Educations admission procedure requires the child’s birth certificate and immunisation certificate to be supplied and copied for an enrolment form to be completed. Enrolment forms are available at the school office or can be downloaded from our school website. New Entrants will be invited by the new entrant class to attend school visits approximately four weeks prior to starting school. Your child can be enrolled at any time. If at all possible it is helpful with our long term planning/staffing as governed by the Ministry of Education to be aware of enrolments 6 months in advance.


The school currently enforces the enrolment scheme. This allows us to control the growth of our school.

Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office.

Applications for out of zone places 2023 have closed.

To check if an address is in the Colyton School zone, please visit Education Counts for accurate information.

Enrolment Zone Map

Colyton School Home Zone (source TKI 2008).kmz
Colyton Enrollment Zone (TKI 2008).jpg


Colyton Enrolment Package .pdf


Tui often holds Parent Information nights, please check with Mrs Van Echten when the next evening is planned. Come and learn what we do and meet other new parents.

We welcome prospective students to come and have a look around. Just phone the school office to make a time on 328 7877.

Visits are 4 weeks before your child starts school and are on Fridays.

  • The first one is an afternoon (12pm-3pm)

  • The second is a morning (8.50-12pm)

  • The third and fourth visits are for full days.

A letter is sent out around 5 weeks before they start, so let Mrs Van Echten know your address and if you haven't received one! It is a help to the child and also the New Entrant teacher if your child can manage the following before starting school:

  • Knows own name & address well enough to repeat when necessary.

  • Knows how to print own name (NOT in capitals).

  • Puts away toys and materials after using them.

  • Knows how to put on and do up shoes and coat.

  • Knows how to flush the toilet, and wash hands afterwards.

  • Use scissors.

  • Listen to and enjoy stories.

  • Ask questions

  • Can manage lunch without help.

Please enrol your child well before starting day. This will keep your child’s first day less stressful. Children may begin school the day they turn five. Please bring a birth certificate as a proof of age as well as your child’s immunisation certificates.

Transition to school is very important for your child . Linley van Echten will make contact with parents to organise school visits. During this time children are introduced to the school environment and they take part in some early literacy activities. Uniforms and stationery for New Entrants can be purchased through the school office. We suggest this is organised on your last visit so your child arrives ready to start.

If you are intending to buy a school bag, please ensure it is big enough to hold a lunch box, drink bottle, reading bag, togs in summer, a library book and sweatshirt.

We suggest you try to arrive at school 10 to 15 minutes before 8.50 a.m. to give your child time to chat to the teacher and friends and to put things away before the bell. Arriving right on the bell can be unsettling for both the child and the class.

Hearing and vision testing is carried out on all children who have not been for a Before Schools appointment during their first year at school and in other years if requested by a parent or teacher. You will be contacted if any problems are detected.

From their first day children are encouraged to bring home a reading book. To protect reading books children need to bring their book bags to school daily.