'Growing confident life long learners who strive to achieve their personal best.'


Year Eight Leadership Team

As students move up through our school, we encourage them to take on greater responsibilities and leadership roles. Year Eight students are appointed to carry out specific tasks to help around our school. 


Student Leader's: Charlie Henderson and Cooper Howard

House Captains: Angus Waugh, Arie Dalley, Charleigh Skelton-Morris, Flynn Marsh, Luke Scott and Alex Sanders

Leadership Team: Jorja Davidson, Logan Wheeler, Oak Towers, Ella Francis

Haututanga Challenge

Our year 7-8 students are invited to participate in our Haututanga Challenge each year. Students are asked to complete physical challenges, participate in community service and learn a new skill. These challenges push them, teach them to persevere when things are hard and celebrate achievements both personally and as a team. We believe these are skills that stand them in great stead for the kids who sign up, are brave and who get involved in all on offer.

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