Every staff member and student at Colyton School are directed by these six values in everything they do and say. The children are reminded of these values daily and know the expectations of each one.


The school’s primary aim is to recognise each child as a unique individual with particular needs, and to maximise the growth of each in the academic, cultural, sporting, emotional and social dimensions. The school seeks to achieve this aim by:

Developing the skills of communication, literacy and numeracy.

Embracing our rural “family-like” environment, and fostering interaction between all levels of pupils.

Actively encouraging personal qualities such as honesty, independence, self-confidence and concern for others.

Offering attractive well-resourced and well-maintained facilities.

Preparing senior pupils for transition to secondary school.

Colyton School 2020-22 Strategic and Annual Plan.pdf


These are our four strategic aims for our school. These include the priorities of the principal, board and staff as well as the commitments to our wider-school and community. These strategic aims inform and confirm all that we do each and every school day.