"Colyton Kids Are C.H.A.M.P.S"



Each night your child will bring home a new reader to read with you. This is a time for you to read and enjoy your time together. If time is a pressure for you take turns reading a page each! Please remember to fill in your child's reading diary. These comments are very useful especially letting me know how the home reading is going. This is also a good place to write messages.


Reading for the weekend is our poem clearfile. All week the children read a poem so they have learnt this off by heart. They then get to bring this home to enjoy with you and they can read these independently while you have a sleepin?!

Phonics Book

Children will get one of these when they know quite a few alphabet letters. They are given out Mondays and need to be returned by Thursday - into the marking box.


While there isn't any formal Numeracy Homework, there are many things that you can do at home to help your child. Such as:

  • counting forwards and backwards to 100...
  • read and write numbers to 10/20/100
  • saying before, after and in-between numbers
  • ordering numbers from smallest to biggest/biggest to smallest
  • solving simple addition problems e.g. "I had 2 apples to make an apple pie for dessert but I needed some more so I went to the supermarket and bought 5 more apples. How many apples did I have altogether?"
  • separating sets to solve simple subtraction problems e.g. "If I bought 8 hair ties and I lost 4, how many hair ties would I have left?"
  • count objects around the home, in the car, in the supermarket
  • read numbers on letter boxes
  • play some of the Maths games through Room2 's maths page

Enrichment Programmes and Experiences

We operate Extension groups for pupils with identified abilities in various curriculum areas. Extension groups include academic and sporting groups, Information Technology, the Arts, Dance groups, etc.

Leap / Reading Recovery

We have several remedial programmes, including Reading Recovery, for children who need extra support. These programmes take place during classroom hours. Other remedial programmes may include language, spelling, writing, mathematics and social skills.


We have a well-equipped computerised library which classes are able to use regularly. We encourage all children to take out books regularly. Please help us to look after our collection by providing children with a plastic bag for carrying books and by ensuring they take good care of books they have on loan. Books are issued weekly and should be returned promptly.

Religious Education

Children have a weekly 30 minute period of Christian Religious Education, taken by an accredited instructor. Parents wishing to withdraw children from Religious Education should advise us in writing.

Buddy Classes

Classes pair up, usually a class of younger students with a class of older ones for the purpose of giving students the opportunity to relate to students out of their age group. Older students are also able to teach skills to younger students. Literacy, art or sporting activities are favourites.