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As we are a small country school, we regularly get together with similar schools to participate and compete in inter-schools sports and cultural events together.

This is called the Kainui Cluster.

The country schools involved are Taonui, Bunnythorpe, Colyton, Newbury, Hiwinui, Mt Biggs and Awahou. The programme for the year could cover the following activities: Swimming Junior Folk Dancing Hockey Athletics Kiwi Sports Netball Cricket Cultural Festival Rugby Cross Country Soccer Triathlon Junior Tabloids Speech Competition Tennis Softball/T-ball Kainui Concert.

The school is dependent upon parental assistance with transport and oversight of teams, and your attendance at events is welcomed. The school has been well served in the past by parents offering to assist with coaching sports, and your support in this regard would be welcomed by the staff and pupils. We also love it if you’re able to come along and watch these events.

The school also may have weekend sports teams in netball, flippaball, basketball and touch rugby although this is usually for the older aged children. You will be advised if these are available for your age children throughout the year.

All pupils take part in Physical Education and sporting activities. Involvement in Phys. Ed. during school time is compulsory. Included in the sports programme are swimming, triathlon, cross-country, athletics and gymnastics.


In the swimming season, all children take part in swimming instruction unless excused by a note from you. Named clothing is essential, and independence in changing is appreciated. The pool is filtered and maintained in top condition throughout the summer.

PLEASE REMEMBER that even when the weather is cool, the teacher will make a decision if there is swimming or not, so swimming gear should be sent along EVERY DAY