'Growing confident life long learners who strive to achieve their personal best.'


Our teaching and learning programme is based on the NZ National Curriculum Framework, which is laid down by the Ministry of Education. We interpret and develop our delivery of the curriculum, appropriate to the learning needs of our children. Our teachers are committed to keeping up to date with current educational practice.

How We Can Help Our Kids


Homework is the joint responsibility of the pupil, teacher and the parent/caregivers.

Time should be organised to consolidate and extend work that has been done at school. This helps develop independence and self-motivation towards learning and we notice the positive improvements homework has on this. Parents are asked to take an interest in work brought home, and to sign the child’s work. Individual class teachers should be approached regarding the homework practices in operation at the different school levels.

Please ensure any school reading books are sent back to school promptly, so we have enough to go around. In our new entrant class we run an early words and a phonics programme to help give children the best start to their learning journey at school. Please see the new entrant teacher if you have any questions about this.


At Colyton School we report to parents in the following ways: Interview in Term 1. Mid-year interview to report review on the pupil’s progress and achievement. Reports (or portfolios for the new entrant classroom) are issued at the middle & end of the year.

Colyton School appreciates a close liaison with parents/caregivers. You are invited to discuss the progress of pupils with the classroom teacher and Principal at any time by making an appointment.

Dates and times for interviews are advertised in the school newsletters. There will be a link to follow to book appointment times online.


Year 7 & 8 students are taught technicraft. Classes are held every Tuesday morning in Terms 1 and 2 at Feilding Intermediate School and children have the opportunity to do cooking, sewing and woodwork. Children are transported by bus to and from Feilding Intermediate. Although the Board subsides the facility fee charged by the Intermediate School, parents are required to pay some charges.


Non Denominational Christian education is available as an option from approved volunteer instructors during Terms 2 & 3 on Wednesdays during Big Break. Those children not enrolled in Champions remain in class and continue regular class programme. Choices can be made upon enrolment of your child.